Road Dog (Or Cat): Moving With Your Pets

We love our pets. This is why when we move, we want our pets to be as comfortable as possible when they move with us. Unfortunately, pets often require care that humans over a certain age don’t need. This often leads to stories of pets getting lost, injured, or sick during long moves, or even just the process of moving in. Here are some things you can try to keep your furry babies safe and happy:

Allocate A “Pet Area” At The New Place

I have two dogs: a husky and a corgi. While the husky will settle himself down on the couch after it’s put in, the corgi tends to get underfoot during the moves. I dealt with this by getting one of those collapsible playpen wall setups you can place on the floor for toddlers. This makes sure the corgi stays in his own spot, but has space to run around so he doesn’t have to stay in his carrier.

Make Sure You Have A Lot Of Water And Snacks

This is especially true during the recent summers we’ve been having, or if you’re moving from a cooler place to a hotter area. You and your fuzzy friend can end up getting dehydrated, especially in the hectic rush that often accompanies moving in. The usual amount of water you’re used to may not be enough for both of you.

Be Patient

This is especially true for pets that are making long moves for the first time. They may get stressed and end up pooping or peeing inside the house, or even in the car. At this point, it’s important to remember that your pet may be scared or overwhelmed by the new environment. Fortunately, this is more common with small pets as the larger ones are usually more relaxed.

How do you travel with your pets? Is there a specific family member assigned to pet duty?