Quick Fix: Things To Make Sure You Have Quick Access To When Moving

I remember one of the first big moves my family made as a kid. It wasn’t the family’s first move, but it was one of the earlier ones. We had travelled across 2 state lines to get to our new house and I was rather carsick. Being a kid, I didn’t want to bother anyone by telling them I wasn’t feeling too good. Unfortunately, I ended up being a bit of a bother when I got sick all over my shirt instead.

Given that I was the youngest, however, my parents were already used to accidents like that happening. My dad calmly opened up the back of our van, popped open a box right at the front and pulled out a big pack of wet wipes and got me all cleaned up. It was then that I learned that packing wasn’t just loading everything into boxes and packing them away; certain things should ALWAYS be within easy access while moving:

First Aid Kits

First aid kits are a must in any home, whether you have kids or not. They’re also essential on the road. You never know what bumps, scrapes, or illnesses can hit during travel. Make sure that your first aid kit is always accessible no matter where you are on the road. Personally, I have a separate one for the road in addition to the larger home kit.

Wet Wipes / Sanitary Wipes

On longer trips, especially with kids, carsickness accidents, food spills, and the need to bathrooms of questionable cleanliness are inevitable. Having easy access to wipes will make sure that messes get cleaned up before they become a bigger problem, and that you aren’t stressing because you need to find the wipes before heading to the bathrooms!

Snacks And Drinks

Getting hungry on a long trip is inevitable. However, drive-thrus and other pit stops aren’t always available. Sometimes there are pit stops along the way, but you’d rather not stop in order to stay on schedule. Making sure that snacks and drinks are easily accessible lets you stick to that schedule or keep travellers satisfied until an eatery comes into view.

What do you like to keep handy during moving drives?