Survivor, The Home Game: Cutting Back Before Moving

Before I finally moved out to my own apartment, my family had actually finally settled in one place for around 6 years. Over those 6 years, I had managed to accumulate quite a lot of junk I constantly promised my mom I’d sort through to see what I could donate or toss out. These promises never really happened over those years until I had to pack to prepare to move to my first apartment.

It was then that I realized that not only would a lot of the stuff I had get damaged if I packed all my stuff to fit in my pickup, but also that not all my stuff would fit into my tiny apartment. This is when I realized that using a move to help you get rid of or find new homes for your old junk was actually something that should be a habit. Here are the criteria I use to determine if something moves with me or goes:

When Did I Last Use This?

If I haven’t used or looked for in order TO use something in the past month, then chances are, I don’t need it anymore. If you’ve already replaced it, then cutting it from the move list is a no-brainer.

How Large Is It? How Does It Need To Be Stored?

Unless you’re moving to a larger residence, storage can be an issue. Even then, the quality of storage in the larger residence may not be ideal. For example, some things store well in dry environments, but will rot or rust n humid ones.

Why Do I Have This?

A lot of the time, we keep things for sentimental reasons. Gifts from family members and dear friends who are no longer with us are one thing, but the beer can collection from every bachelor party you attended is something else entirely. While keeping the former is understandable, you may want to consider sending off the latter with a fond farewell.

What criteria do you use to determine if something should be tossed or should stay in the home? Let us know!