About Me

Hi there and welcome to John Carter Worldwide. My name is John Carter. Growing up, I had two constants in my life: traveling and reading. My family moved around often, and as the youngest, I usually had to find ways to entertain myself while keeping out from being underfoot while my parents and siblings helped the movers unpack our stuff. Reading was the best way to do this,

The books I loved the most were the Barsoom series. After all, how many kids can say they shared a name with the hero of a sci-fi series, right? In the books, John Carter finds himself transported to Mars, where he has all sorts of adventures in an alien landscape. Naturally, this is what I started imagining the frequent moving my family did to be: exciting adventures to alien worlds.

Now that I’m an adult, I decided to use my traveling experience to create this blog to help people making big moves. If I can make it seem as fun and exciting for them as the stories of John Carter of Mars made travel for me, then I’d have reached my goals!

While I can’t help travellers go from point to point as fast as John Carter travelled from Earth to Mars, I can offer advise and tips on moving, especially for people moving between cities, whether it’s the first move you’re making or if you’ve been moving regularly. Be sure to check out the blog section to see if we tackled any issues you may have. If we don’t, check out our contact page on how to contact us to request!

Also, I’m looking for writers with experience in moving who would like to contribute to the blog. If you have experience moving between cities and can write in English, showing proper grammar and punctuation. If you’re interested, check out our contact page and email us a copy of your work! Posts must be 300 – 350 words. I’ll give proper credit to any contributors of course!